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Loudoun First Responders Foundation Scholarship Guidelines

For 2019, the Foundation will offer up to 12 scholarships of $1,000 each to qualified applicants who meet the criteria in one or both of the following categories.

Category I: Children of First Responders

Graduating seniors from a high school or secondary school inside or outside Loudoun County and who are children of first responders who (i) work for or are active volunteers for Loudoun County Fire and Rescue, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, any of the town police departments within Loudoun County, MWAA police or fire & rescue (stationed at Dulles International Airport for at least 6 months in the preceding 12 month period) and/or Virginia State Police (stationed at Loudoun Barracks for at least 6 months in the preceding 12 month period), or who (ii) were previously awarded individual or unit medals of valor by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce. (“Active volunteer” is defined as those first responders who in the year preceding the year in which their child or children apply for a scholarship accumulated 80 or more points in the Loudoun County retirement system as a result of their volunteer service.)

Category II: Volunteer First Responder Students

Graduating seniors from a high school, secondary school or trade school, who reside in Loudoun County, and who volunteered in one or the other of the following programs at the level of participation set forth below:

Loudoun Fire and RescueLeesburg Police Explorer Post #1401
Volunteer activity satisfying an annual accumulation of the 80 point criteria as defined in the County LOSAP retirement system, and be of active status at time of scholarship application.

Maintain at least a “C” or “Pass” score in training classes.
Volunteer activity satisfying the following annual requirements, and active status at time of scholarship application:

  • Maintain a “C” or better average in current school enrollment
  • Attend 80% or more of the established regular meetings
  • No more than one unexcused absence
  • Participate in at least 20 hours of scheduled or sponsored events

A fully completed Application with required supporting materials must be received by April 1, 2019. Additional details apply. Use the link below to download the Application Form.

Download Application Form

Please email with any questions about the scholarship program.

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